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Nigel Irens

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IBEX Special Seminar: Designing for Speed

  • Date:Tuesday, October 2
  • Time:11:00 AM - 12:30 PM
  • Room:Room 16
  • Session Type:Professional BoatBuilder Seminar
  • Session Code:101

Definitions of speed on the water are as numerous as our reasons for being afloat and the conditions we might encounter out there. For competitive small-boat sailors, foils are the thing; for offshore powerboats, deep-Vs and responsive handling are essential; for offshore sailors, easily driven hulls with robust and versatile rig configurations have dominated; for medium-range passenger ferries, high-speed catamarans are the norm. But for the naval architect every new client is a new set of use and performance profiles to satisfy. To explore the diversity of those notions of speed on the water we’ve assembled a panel of well-known boat designers responsible for creating everything from thrilling small sailing foilers and outboard skiffs to large offshore speed record holders in power and sail. In this moderated special session we’ll invite you to ask top designers how they interpret and deliver on clients’ needs for speed. 

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