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Steve D'Antonio

  • Company:Steve D'Antonio Marine Consulting, Inc.

Steve has been employed continuously in the marine industry since 1988, beginning as a mechanic and electrician. In 1994 he went on to manage boat yards in North Carolina and then Virginia. In that same year, he published his first article, "Upgrading the Electrical System" in Cruising World magazine. Since that time he has written over a thousand technical, seamanship, destination, boat review and historical articles for various print and online publications. His stock photographic library encompasses over one million images.

In November 2007 Steve resigned his position at the boat yard he’d managed for 11 years to start Steve D’Antonio Marine Consulting, Inc., which offers marine systems consulting and pre-purchase services to boat owners, boat builders and others within the marine industry. He has undertaken hundreds of vessel and systems inspections and consultations as well as providing guidance to those building and refitting power and sailing vessels. Steve is an American Boat and Yacht Council certified master technician.

He has taught celestial and coastal navigation as well as yacht systems engineering aboard the US Naval Academy's sail training vessels during numerous offshore passages to and from Bermuda and New England. Steve has served as navigator on many off shore passages, including six Newport, Annapolis and Marion-Bermuda yacht races as well as participating in the smallest (30 feet) inboard powered vessel passage from the US mainland to Bermuda, and the furthest north fiberglass vessel (81°27’). He has cruised in such remote locations as Antarctica, Iceland, Alaska, Greenland, Spitzbergen and the Faroe and Galapagos Islands.